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Special Interest Vehicle (SIV) or Club Registration

Classic Car

SIV or Club Registration 

All members of Roadrunner Car Club are  able to access Club Registration or SIV Registration for your vehicle that meets the age requirement of 30 of age.

There is no waiting period or other restrictions for New members wanting to put a vehicle on SIV Registration.

The Club charges a fee of $30.00 per vehicle to provide all documentation and to assist with the process.

New members who already have a vehicle on SIV registration can automatically use these vehicles for Roadrunner Car Club outings as well as impromptu events.

Note: To retain your SIV Registration, you must be a financial member of an Incorporated Car Club.

Information about SIV Registration

Special Interest Vehicle Scheme Latest Rules and Information 20/01/2020

Download here  - SIV Concession Scheme Guide 20.01.2020.pdf

Events or trips organised by the Club do not require separate registration !

Classic and Vintage Car Insurance.

Follow the link for valuable information from Canstar regarding Classic and Vintage Car Insurance.

Insurance Info

Special Interest Vehicle (SIV) Impromptu Trip registration

Note: You only need to register on the SIV Trip Register for Impromptu Trips that are not organised by the Club. 

You may now also use your SIV registered vehicle for:

Rallies and events(including impromptu events) must be listed in the incorporated club newsletter or on the incorporated club’s website or social media page (or in another manner approved by the club or ASRF, such as the club calendar of events) prior to the event. The administrative process for supporting an event is at the discretion of an individual club or ASRF and must ensure members comply with the special interest vehicle conditions and restrictions of use.

Note:  When you register an Impromptu Trip you will see a date 3 April 2019,

As this is a continuous event which commenced on the 3 April 2019,  this is not the actual date of your trip.

You can register a single or multi car event!

Revised Version listed 20.01.2020

  • An impromptu event is an event that has been initiated by a club member, involves one or more vehicles, and must comply with the following elements:
  • involves an invitation to wider club members to attend the event;
  •  and is either
  • endorsed in advance of the event by the relevant club or Australia Street Rod Federation committee; or,
  • where it exists, complies with published club guidelines as to what is a valid event; and
  • is listed either in the newsletter, on the website, or social media page (or in another manner approved by the club or Australia Street Rod Federation, such as the club calendar of events) prior to the event.
Note: Incorporated vehicle clubs should maintain a register of endorsed impromptu events. This register should contain information on the impromptu event.

Example of Valid Events

    1. Attending a club event or a reciprocal event and state what & where it is.
    2. To give the vehicle a good run to a destination to keep all components operational.
    3. Testing vehicle before or after mechanical repairs.
    4. Taking vehicle to or from a repair shop or other service necessary to keep vehicle operational.

It is important that your name is visible to other members to meet regulation requirements - the list of event entrants is only visible to other members

RCC Members may register an Impromptu Trip in the members only area SIV Trip Register

Documents for download

To change your vehicle to Club Rego, you need to be a member of Roadrunner Car Club, download the following information and contact Graeme Adams - SIV Secretary on 0407 565 628

SIV (Club Rego) Downloads

Registration Information


Application and Dating Certificate


Additional Information

  1. You must be a member of an Incorporated Car Club to be able to use SIV Registration.
  2. Anyone driving and SIV Registered vehicle must be a member of an Incorporated Car Club
  3. SIV Registered vehicles can only be used in line with the Scheme requirements. See download above.
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